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December 6, 2009 will mark the second anniversary of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s “Faith in America” speech – the televised address to the American people during the 2008 Republican Party primary elections campaign that was intended to make us believe that Romney’s Mormon religion shouldn’t be an issue for a candidate of his stature and accomplishments. The dismal results that followed soon convinced the billionaire Wall Street insider to stop throwing good money after bad. He quickly withdrew from the race. It was glaringly obvious that Romney’s “Mormon problem” wasn’t going away. Americans weren’t buying what he was trying to sell them about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS Church).

Now, with the Obama Administration imploding, the country mired in debt from failed “stimulus packages”, and unemployment at double digit levels not seen since the failed Carter Administration, Romney is busy positioning for another run. This time it will be for the 2012 Republican Party nomination. But that “Mormon problem” is still out there. And it isn’t going away.

In 2006, conservative talk show host and author Hugh Hewitt penned a book that purported to address Romney’s Mormon religion. Hewitt, a usually brilliant writer, just doesn’t get it when it comes to the LDS Church. In his 2006 book, “A Mormon in the White House”, Hewitt posited three, “legitimate reasons,” why Americans might refuse to vote for a Mormon presidential candidate. Hewitt set up the false premise that these were the only reasons, apart from overt religious bigotry, why someone might be opposed to Romney based on his Mormon religion. Then he purported to demolish each of the three reasons. While many of his arguments were sound, others were based on assumptions that were faulty or outright false. Hewitt’s conclusions amount to a classic case of “garbage in – garbage out” thinking. When one starts with a false premise, an erroneous conclusion is inevitable.

In his apparent eagerness to promote Romney’s candidacy, Hewitt either missed or chose to ignore the real reasons why most Americans choke on the prospect of a Mormon president. These include:

• History and Archeology – While year by year ancient manuscript and archeological finds continue to pile-up evidence supporting the truth claims of orthodox Christianity and historic Judaism, the opposite is true for Mormonism. Countless scholars, researchers, and archeologists have thoroughly proven that Joseph Smith Junior, his contemporaries in LDS leadership, and their successors, were and are frauds. Mormonism has been debunked. All that remains is for prominent Mormons, such as Romney and the Salt Lake City LDS leadership, to admit that they have been promoting the Big Lie all along.

• Lies, Distortions, and Manipulations – From its earliest days, Mormonism has been plagued by the historical record. Joseph Smith Junior, Brigham Young, et al, lived a hedonistic lifestyle at the expense of countless true believers. Whenever confronted with the evidence that Mormonism is a fraud, whether that evidence is factual historical or immediate and current, the LDS and its offspring resort to new frauds to try to conceal the earlier frauds. Mormons are taught from their first contact with the LDS to distrust everything that isn’t spoon-fed to them from their leaders. If a prior prophesy is clearly shown to be fraudulent, the leadership simply invents a new prophesy to distort the original failed “revelation”. The so-called scriptures of the LDS are continually being revised with great swatches of old text disappearing and new text being inserted. Individual words are also deleted, changed, or inserted to completely alter the meaning of what was originally presented by Joseph Smith Junior as, “The most correct book ever written,” and the inspired divine revelation of the Mormon god. If what Smith claimed about the Book of Mormon was true, not a single word or comma should ever have been changed. But instead, massive revisions have continually been quietly slipped into the Book of Mormon by LDS leadership. None of their explanations stand the test of logic and reason.

• Truth is Vigorously Suppressed – Mormons are told early and often that, “When our leaders have spoken, the time for thinking is over.” Another deceitful trick to get around the truth is the Mormon maxim that, “The words of a living prophet are worth far more than the words of a dead book.” In other words, whatever the current leadership says is true is held to be the truth, regardless of whether it conflicts with prior Mormon scripture. The absurdity of belief in the pantheon of Mormon gods who capriciously change their minds continually for political or economic advantage strikes non-Mormons as laughable. How can anyone who claims to be a true believer be taken seriously?

• People are Hurt and Lives Are Destroyed – One of Hewitt’s theses is that, even if what they teach isn’t mainstream or true, at the end of the day, Mormons are nice people – at worst, a bunch of harmless kooks who live decent lives. The facts are different. What about the millions of people who have been oppressed, raped, murdered, extorted, and otherwise abused by their leaders? The record is clear. Mormon culture consigns countless families to grinding poverty and tears apart countless others. As former Mormon Jim Whitefield documented so well in his three-volume work, “The Mormon Delusion”, the glowing tales of Romney’s service through the Mormon Relief Society (in helping families who had fallen on hard times) is pure bunk. Lots of money flows into the coffers. Almost none flows out in the form of help to those in financial difficulties. The Mormon leadership charged with disbursing funds nearly always disqualifies needy families on some obscure religious or moral basis. They are victimized first by being required to tithe, regardless of their families’ financial circumstances. Then they are victimized again by being refused the financial aid that they have been promised. In addition, families are torn apart by the commands from above to shun members who are judged “apostate” because they have failed to tithe or they had the courage to question the Mormon “Big Lie”.

• Joseph Smith Junior Was the Founding Pedophile – Here is gets really messy. Joseph Smith Junior seduced and raped girls at least as young as fourteen. Not just once in awhile, but as a regular practice. He also exchanged young girls with other Mormon leaders, including Brigham Young. This is well documented in the public record. Dozens of well-researched books and articles expose Joseph Smith Junior as a serial adulterer, confidence trickster, and megalomaniac. Pedophilia is deeply ingrained in Mormonism. The recent FLDS Yearning for Zion case in Texas put a spotlight on the continuing problem of sham marriages of underage girls to older men. Again, the historical record is clear. Denials from Salt Lake City to the contrary, polygamy and pedophilia have a long and continuing history in Mormonism. The basic doctrines of the Mormon faith make these disgusting problems inevitable among faithful, practicing Mormons. To those not brainwashed by the LDS, or pinned firmly under the heavy thumb of Mormon leaders like Romney, this is just plain creepy, not to mention the horrific price paid by both Mormon girls and boys.

So non-Mormons look at Mitt Romney and come to one of two conclusions:

• Either he has an inexcusable blind-spot, along the lines of the Heaven’s Gate, People’s Temple, Scientology, and Branch Davidian cult followers, or

• He is following in the footsteps of Joseph Smith Junior, Brigham Young, Orson Pratt, and the host of Mormon bigwigs who, knowing full well that Mormonism is a fraud, have nevertheless used this cultic religion to control, manipulate, and oppress masses of true believers for nearly two centuries.

Many non-Mormons believe that Romney is extremely bright and perceptive. So they lump him in with Joseph Smith Junior and the rest of the creepy men who have gravitated to the Mormon faith to satisfy their own selfish desires for power and/or wealth, deviant sex, fame, etc. Which category Romney falls into isn’t clear to me. However, personal stories such as abuse of the family dog by a much younger Mitt Romney do seem pretty creepy.

It is safe to say that the majority of Mormons have a very shallow understanding of the key doctrines of the LDS faith. The Mormon hierarchy, beginning with Joseph Smith Junior and his fellow conspirators, has consistently and deliberately adopted Christian language to explain their bizarre faith. However, every Christian term used has a very different meaning in Mormonism from what real Christians believe. This is a deliberate ploy to confuse potential converts. Many Mormons don’t realize that the faith they adhere to is not Christian. The national mainstream media is similarly ignorant of what Mormons really believe, and how different those beliefs are from Christianity. Fortunately, plenty of Christian Americans have become aware that Mormons are decidedly not Christian.

As Mitt Romney gears up for another run for the White House, those Christians are going to be vocal and active in their opposition to his candidacy. Their opposition is based on very sound reasons, not on religious bigotry. What Hewitt didn’t understand about Mormonism, or chose to ignore, is going to be front and center for Christian Americans. This may prove to be a blessing in disguise for many ill-informed Mormons, as they for the first time hear the truth about their false gods and fraudulent prophets and apostles. The LDS is already suffering from large numbers of defections and ‘back-door’ losses in membership. Perhaps a high-profile Romney run for the Republican nomination will expose even more on-the-fence Mormons to the truth, and tip them away from the counterfeit religion they have been following and toward the true Christian faith. At least that should be the prayer of every Christian for our lost cousins in the LDS and its many offspring.

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